So-called ‘terrorist card’?

It seems unlikely the growing suspicion that GMA plays the ‘terrorist card’ at a time when she appears to have a problem of her own resulting from another doubt that lingered in the public mind on her health when she sought confinement at the Asian Hospital. These lines of thought just don’t seem to coincide.

As newspaper reports have it, the bombings in Jolo and Iligan killed 2, injured 30 while the one at Cotabato Cathedral exacted 6 deaths, 55 people injured just two days before the latest bombing. Apparently, the bomb has been improvised from an 81 mm mortar which is military issue that must have gone into the wrong hand if not part of those sold in the black-market by members of AFP themselves.

That at least three responding PNP elements were in fact injured is worth noting. Prior to these bombings in far south, the early scare came about when a bomb exploded at the Office of the Ombudsman killing no one and another bomb found at the Department of Agriculture which did not explode.

Are these to be read as part of a scenario of state-sponsored bombings to justify the declaration of martial law? Do these spates of bombings prepare the groundwork for an extension of term thereby effectively obliterating the forthcoming May 2010 elections? Would things end up in no-election scenario?

The public minds meanwhile are poisoned by differing views. Some point to the Abus, some to the MILFs, some to the NPAs, some even insanely think it is the handiwork of Malacanang. And every agency of government is up on its toes – the PNP, the AFP, the Peace Panel, whatever. No one takes single primary responsibility to bring the problem to a close. Maybe it will solve itself.

There is this National Security Adviser also being pinpointed by Sen. Biazon for possible complicity and no less echoed by some left-leaning party list representatives. So the plot just thickens and people begin to think that things might become worse before they get better. Meantime, a climate of fear is injected, even possibly scares big business as to tend away from Mindanao as the next investment frontier.

Bottomline, are these patterns of bombings sponsored by the Palace? Or, are they actually the handiwork of the opposition to fan the flames of public hatred against GMA and her rabid supporters? Well, no one knows for certain what is happening in this country.

Shouldn’t it be plainly clear that events as they happen are not interwoven? Shouldn’t we just think that in few more months from today, there will be a national presidential elections and that the reign of GMA is over by 2010 when a new president would have been elected?

GMA in perpetuity is a myth in the face of all these obviously isolated events.