Estradas, US envoy offer prayers

PHILIPPINES NEWS SERVICE — POLITICAL figures attended the second day of the healing mass for former President Corazon Aquino who is battling colon cancer at the Makati Medical Center.

The likes of former President Joseph Estrada, his wife former senator Loi Ejercito, and son Sen. Jinggoy Estrada were among the prominent personalities that attended the mass held at Greenbelt Chapel in Makati City’s Central Business District a few blocks away from the MMC.

Makati Mayor and United Opposition president Jejomar C. Binay yesterday asked the Makati community to offer prayers for Mrs. Aquino.

Binay, who was appointed by Aquino as acting mayor of Makati immediately after the February 1986 EDSA Revolution, urged residents to hold prayer vigils for the former president.

He also requested employees at the Central Business District and the private sector to offer their prayers for Aquino.

“President Aquino has given so much for the country. The least that we can do is to pray for her,” he said. Councilor Kid Pena, president of the Makati Liga ng mga Barangay, said the chairs of Makati’s 33 barangays have been advised to hold prayer vigils, inform residents of the condition of the former president and urge them to pray for her.

Even Americans are praying for former President Corazon Aquino’s recovery, United States Ambassador to Manila Kristie Kenney said yesterday.

Interviewed over DZME’s radio program “Dos for Dos,” Kenney said they were inspired by Mrs. Aquino’s personal strength.

“My thoughts and prayers are very much with President Aquino, and her family. At this stage she’s been a strong person in terms of personal strength for this country for so many years,” Kenney said.

She said the embassy has been sponsoring a Benigno Aquino fellowship in recognition of her husband’s and her own contributions to the country.

“I just want to say that on behalf of myself and everybody, we are really thinking very much of President Cory right now,” she said.