House leader mulls rejection of Con-Ass

PHILIPPINE NEWS SERVICE — A senior member of the House of Representatives is ready to withdraw his support for the controversial House Resolution 1109 if the issue over Constituent Assembly will continue to create chaos or misunderstanding.

Speaking in the Usaping Balita media forum, Quezon City Rep. Matias Defensor said he signed the resolution with reservation because he believes that the process should include the Senate.

Defensor warned that should his colleagues insist on convening as a Constituent Assembly without the Senate’s participation, he will not join the process.

The solon said he believes that there is a need to amend the Constitution because many of its provisions are already obsolete and can no longer cope with the global demands.

However, Defensor said, the Lower House should also respect the rule of law which clearly states that Con-Ass should be composed of members of the House and the Senate.

“If we convene without the Senate, many will question us, so it is better to walk out and not be part of it,” Defensor said.

Also, the solon said that with these street rallies and objections from different sectors, it is better for the House to forget the Con-Ass bill for the meantime.

“Kung magkakagulo lang siguro dapat iatras na muna natin ang Con-Ass and push for Constitutional Convention, which I think is more acceptable. Kaya lang nga expensive ito,” Defensor said.

Earlier, members of the rainbow coalition in the House threatened to bolt the majority group if the House leaders insist on convening as a Constituent Assembly without the Senate.

The Nationalist People’s Coalition, Liberal Party and Nacionalista Party all believe that senators’ participation in amending the Constitution is vital.