Bro. Eddie vows mass actions vs. Con-ass

PHILIPPINE NEWS SERVICE — BROTHER Eddie Villanueva yesterday vowed to muster “multitudes” of Filipinos to protest the passage of a resolution to convert Congress into a constituent assembly to amend the Constitution.

Villanueva, leader of the Bagong Pilipino, Bagong Pilipinas movement, deplored the passing of House Resolution 1109.

“In another brazen display of shameless arrogance, the House of Representatives, less the few who vigorously objected, brought immoral and indecent behavior to new heights by railroading HR1109,” he said.

Villanueva, who took a leave of absence as spiritual leader of the Jesus Is Lord Church, said the House disregarded “the common sentiment of the nation.”

“It is time to make our voices heard and our presence felt that he will not take any more blatant abuses and excesses of this government,” he claimed. “We will not take this sitting down.”

Villanueva disclosed that his multi-sectoral group had an executive meeting last Wednesday to plot its actions. He said the upcoming mass actions will be “peaceful and non-violent.”

“Huwag sana nilang maliitin ang ating galit at ang nauubos na pasensiya ng sambayanang Pilipino,” he warned.

Malacanang however shrugged off threats of another popular revolt in protest of efforts to amend the 1987 Constitution.

Deputy Presidential Spokesman Anthony Golez said calls to unite against Charter change initiatives are “nothing new.” He said protest marches won’t gain much support.

Former president Joseph Estrada already called on the people to “unite” against moves to amend the Constitution. Political analysts also warned of a “public outrage” should efforts at charter change push through.

But Golez said there is no reason to sound the alarm bells. He said there is a process on how to rewrite the charter and everything is above board at this time.