TNT invests in providing clients ‘great customer service experience’

TNT Express Philippines, the leading provider of integrated freight and express services, announces its new investments for its customer service contact centre in its bid to modernize the way of doing business in the local express industry,

The investment, amounting to five millions pesos, resulted to a more advanced call monitoring and call recording system. This highlights TNT’s commitment to provide its clients a satisfying calling experience for every time they send their shipments through TNT and underlined TNT’s belief that client loyalty is a result of client satisfaction.

Cetin Yalcin, country general manager for the Philippines, cites the importance of a reliable and proactive customer service team in the express industry. “At the core of every business is the client, and its frontline is its customer service. TNT aims for all of its customers to say that they were satisfied after any interaction with our customer service agents.”

The contact centre currently handles almost a thousand calls per day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ranging from simple booking and pick-up requests, to more complex inquiries—all coming from various TNT’s clients from the electronics, high-tech, clinical and even SME industries.

The objective of the call monitoring system is to improve the customer service experience delivered by TNT contact centre agents. These are done through the measurement of the agent’s response time, communication skills, and ability to address customer concerns while also identifying the agent’s training needs. These measurements are made available for evaluation of the agent’s performance, presenting an opportunity for the agent to improve on his subsequent calls.

With these improvements set in place, the result is better management of client requirements and inquiries. Clients cite the company’s commendable customer service, immediate notification for early or delayed delivery of shipments; as well as its proactive management of shipping dilemmas, to the point of providing a step-by-step, hour-by-hour update to clients.

“Clients doing business in this industry are always faced with urgency, with a specific need for reliable, effective service. They want to be constantly up-dated and in the know with changes in schedule and shipment status notifications. To give them the peace of mind that their shipments are well taken care of, you need to have the best equipment, the best system and the best people in place—this is what we’re doing at TNT,” adds Yalcin.

The desire to provide long-time clients and first-time customers alike with the best service possible can be credited to TNT’s “Sure We Can!” philosophy. Launched in September 2008, “Sure We Can” is a global mentality prevalent in all of TNT’s offices in 200 countries worldwide. This highlights the TNT employees’ mindset to go the extra mile in providing and delivering service to its customers—efficiently and effectively. The mantra originated from various success stories circulating worldwide on how employees went above and beyond in the name of customer service.