It’s final: Failon’s wife a suicide

PHILIPPINE NEWS SERVICE — THE National Bureau of Investigation has officially ruled the death of the wife of ABS-CBN broadcaster Ted Failon a suicide saying she was suffering from grave depression when she ended her life last April 15.

In a press conference, NBI Director Nestor Mantaring announced that Trinidad “Trina” Arteche-Etong indeed committed suicide as the bureau’s probe established.

Contrary to speculations that there was foul play, Mantaring said Etong opted to end her life by her own volition and nobody aided, forced, or induced her to commit such act.

“The NBI, supported by all its findings and investigative leads, has now established and concludes that no other person was present, or was with Trina inside the bathroom the moment the trigger was pulled and that the victim has the capability, motive and means of doing such act,” Mantaring said.

Etong was found with a bullet wound in the head inside their house at 27 Gen. Aquino St. Tierra Pura Homes, Tandang Sora, Quezon City. She was brought to the New Era General Hospital where she finally expired.

The NBI focused its probe on testimonial and even circumstancial evidence.

Investigators also relied on the findings of the NBI-neuro psychiatric section that found Etong suffering from major depressive disorder.

“We have limited time so no NBI autopsy was conducted on Trina because she was scheduled to be cremated at the time. Ted Failon said two autopsies have been conducted — one by PNP and the other independent — so he told us he felt that we have to respect Trina,” Mantaring said.