Bayani Fernando’s formula – ‘workplace economics’

MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando must have been given more than enough time during this morning’s interview over DZMM with anchors Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja of ‘Dos por Dos’, First among the presidentiables to be interviewed by that radio station, Bayani appears to have always carried himself with that rather ‘household’ humility, a trait entirely missing from the other presidential wannabes.

Anointed or not, BF says he will bat for the presidency confident that his 40 years in government service as a self-confessed “industrial designer” will push his way in. He did not feel hesitant to have to admit that he started manufacturing windows to reach his present stature in business and in public service because of passion for doing things. True enough, he was never tempted to run for Congress, either as a congressman or a senator. It is clear that he must be a good executive material, chief at that, hence his presidential bid.

It turns out that Bayani does not have to believe these surveys ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’ by either SWS or Pulse, or both which samples from only a 1,200 respondents. According to him, he has his own survey group that even samples from a field of 12,000 respondents across Philippine society which is deemed more reliable than the more reputed polling circuits that placed him way below the top. In his own, which he missed to name, the group’s survey ranks him in the 2nd or the 3rd, something that to him is very ‘encouraging’.

BF seems too ready to answer every kind of questions asked by the DZMM’s anchors and has remain consistently conversational and humble all throughout the interview. That is something one never gets to experience from any of the rest of the pack. But neither is he all that confident of a sure win acknowledging that indeed there are many variables that are simply not within anybody’s control. At that point in time, Bayani is not even sure whether it is he whom Lakas will endorse as the party’s standard bearer but then again, neither does he find any reason for the party to move otherwise but endorse him.

It is clear that Bayani has a plan ready, one of which is not having to mind if GMA will have to be prosecuted during his incumbency, should he win. He thinks that there is no way to deviate from the motion of having to undergo the legal process if also as an opportunity for GMA to clear her name. So, all things seem fair for Bayani – just square. This means, that perhaps, the ‘uncontrolled variables’ will just have run their course.

What struck me is his theory of ‘workplace economics’ which he appears to be conversant on. This, he holds, as the single best formula to address the problems that have always beset Philippine society. And this seems to be his anchorage if he cons the ship of state beyond the waters of so much poverty, hunger, unemployment, and despair. Am no real adherent of the man although as a Marikineno, I am witness to the development that occurred in Marikina City during his term and even this of his wife who is the current city mayor.

Bayani never doubts that what has been done in Marikina can in fact be replicated in grand scale. Could he be wrong if he will not only weld windows but the kind of industrial infrastructures that now have lined the avenues, boulevards, highways of Metro Manila? Do we not want to see more pink steel and concrete in the many other municipalities in the countryside? In no time in the country’s history are we to become future witnesses of what the man can do.

The formula of ‘workplace economics’ is something new in application, the Bayani’s way, if and only if, allowed to be applied. So why not give him a chance if it will not kill anyone? The confidence one can get even if we have to vote for a BF as president is not entirely out of place. The pieces of evidence of what look like the signature of a hardworking industrial designer are all around Metro Manila. Linear development should be allowed to proceed – get BF to get the work done and we might be seeing a better life after 2010.