Dingdong Dantes’ career in the dark after ‘Atlantika?’

PNS — As Aquano, he is certain that Atlantika would be saved from the evil Celeste, but as himself, actor Dingdong Dantes says he feels in the dark as the GMA 7 “fantaserye” “Atlantika” nears its end this February.

“Physically and mentally, ‘Atlantika’ is the hardest I’ve ever done. After it, hindi ko pa alam ang next. Actualy kumakapa ako ngayon but I like it. At least I have time to think about what I really want. I like the challenge of not knowing what next to do. You have to be creative about yourself and not just limit yourself na ‘fantaserye’ na lang. There has to be something different,” explained Dingdong.

He added that the pressure of doing “Atlantika” is far different from his past TV projects.

“I know it’s nice to be pressured pero kakaiba talaga. It involves not only me but a lot of people and the network and they really spent for this project.”

An added pressure is the big responsibility it entails him as Aquano because kids look up to him as sort of a super hero.

“Living your life knowing that you’re supposed to be a good example is actually a good thing. It is a perfect opportunity so you can reach out and share your values to them not only thru television but also in real life. If they see it in you they can embibe it. It’s a great opportunity too to be good. It’s just a matter of choosing the right path,” he expressed.

When “Atlantika” ends Dingdong is left with just two shows that he is hosting – the newly reformated Sunday variety show “S.O.P.” and “Starstruck The Next Level.” And according to him that would also give him time to focus on his pesonal projects like producing digital movies until the next soap opera project arrives.

“Though I can’t talk about it in detail I’m just finding more avenues especially for filmmakers and actors,” he shared.

One thing good about Dingdong is that as an actor, as he has proven in his past TV shows and movies, he has always been passionate and driven with the different jobs given him. More than honing his versatility as an actor in various projects, he always enjoys the challenges that come his way.

“Actually wala akong reklamo kung anuman ang ibigay sa akin ng GMA 7. I still don’t know though kung ‘fantaserye’ pa rin kasi baka maiba na ang trend. I’m not really in a position to choose,” commented Dingdong. “Personally as long as ginagawa ko ng mabuti ang trabaho, that’s good enough.”

With regards to “Starstuck The Next Level,” does he feel sad that it’s not doing well in the ratings-game?

“I don’t get pressured by the ratings because ‘Starstruck’ is a show that we watch to witness kung sino kukunin natin. For me, all that matters is kung sino ang nasa dulo. Yun ang pinaka-importante kung sino ang mananalo. Yung process is also interesting but ang end product ang pinaka-importante. At kung paano sila magbibigay ng ratings sa shows nila in the future,” he opined.

Dingdong even feels that this latest batch of hopefuls could do better than the second and third batches because of pressure. For him they are pressured that when they graduate from the said reality TV show, they are very well equip and even at par with the first batch.

“When I was asked why the first batch was successful compared to the 2nd and 3rd kasi suave sila kasi sila ang una. They had the room to improve unlike the second and third pressured sila kasi dapat pantayan ang first na umaakyat na…yung fourth grabe na ang pressure kailangang pantayan na nila agad ang first batch. Kaya mas magandang tinaas nila ang edad para mas may substance sila pag labas. Mas malaking chance magka–substance ang may edad,” he remarked.

Regarding his love life, he disclosed that he and his girlfriend Karylle never discussed about marriage. He believes that when the right time comes, it won’t be just something normal they always talk about but a special moment. It also eases the tension and lessens the pressure of their relationship, according to him.

“That is what’s nice about us, we respect each other at kung ano ang ginagawa ng isa’t-isa,” he added

But what keeps their relationship intact and strong especially since they are a showbiz couple?

“We cook together to keep the fire burning,” Dingdong chuckled. “Ako mahilig gumawa ng sabaw siya mahilig sa karne so perfect kami.”

Usually their days for cooking are either Mondays or Wednesdays and it would usually be in either his house or Karylle’s.

“It’s something different and exciting…literally and figuratively we work together,” he smiled. “It’s not planned, yun ang maganda. You’ll just feel that it’s time to cook.”

He divulged that their cooking together started as a New Year’s resolution. They admitted to having ate a lot during the Christmas season and that they have to trim down. The advantage of cooking together is that they get to watch what ingredients are included and the amount of food to be cooked.

“Masarap yung tuna pasta ni K…mas naaasar siya pag mas marami akong alam. Wala lang, kunyari lang nagmamarunong ako, kunyari alam ko ang ginagawa ko, nakakaaliw lang na naaasar siya,” confessed Dingdong.

As for the coming Valentine’s Day, Dingdong is frustrated that he wasn’t able to produce a Valentine’s Day show for Karylle. He has been wanting to do that but his busy schedule prevented him to make arrangements. As to how and where they are celebrating Valentine’s Day and what he’ll give Karylle, he only answered with a smile.

“Atlantika” and “Starstruck The Next Level” air weeknights on GMA Telebabad.