Ynez Veneracion’s life in 2007

Without Mon but with lots of suitors

Ynez Veneracion PNS — Last year, actress Ynez Veneracion during a dance number flipped on air a lot of times like a gymnast when she celebrated her birthday. It was as she said then a celebration of a lot of things blessings in her life and finally freeing herself from her on and off beau actor Mon Confiado. In fact she even ended the year with a rumored internationally known prizefighter wanting to win her heart. And for her the year 2007 will be the same, no more rumors or speculations about her and ex lover Mon, and they will see a more refreshed Ynez as an actress and person!

Speaking of her love life, Ynez has finally moved on from her heartaches. Proof of these are the many suitors, mostly foreigners, she’s been having since 2006. Unlike before that she has attempted to take her life because of so-called flimsy reasons, the increasing number of international suitors helped make her see the other beautiful aspects of her life. The movie going public has been aware that her life revolved around her ex-boyfriend for years!

“I’m always crazy when I’m in love and I’m tired of it. I learned my lessons the hard way and won’t repeat it anymore,” she expressed in Tagalog.

But is being friends with Mon threading on dangerous love grounds?

According to the actress, friendship is the only thing existing between them. They haven’t reconciled and for her their bitter separation hasn’t healed yet.

“The irony of our separation was that we became closer as friends. We still enjoy each other’s company and we get in touch a lot. But I think we’re better off as friends, no commitments and no attachments. It feels like we’re back to square one,” she expressed.

Ynez doesn’t discount the fact that they were together romantically for eight years. If ever they would get back together, those past eight years could play an important role to bringing their relationships to the marriage level. But that’s not her concern at the moment. She’d rather be devoted to her career once more than her lovelife. There are offers again for this screen siren but she wants to keep mum about them first.

Going back to her increasing number of suitors, her only comment is this, “I’m free and single so it’s okay if I entertain them. Collect and select is my motto,” laughed Ynez. “But it’s not easy to select the best for me. I’m just enjoying my singleblessedness.”

One of her suitors is an Indian actor Anuuj Swahney whom she met in Dubai. Though they weren’t able to know each other well in Dubai they continued their communication through the internet, text messages and calls. She described him as being sweet for inviting her to India. He planned to introduce her to Indian producers and directors.

Another of her suitors from Brunei. They interacted through My Space. According to her she finds him very mysterious because he kept sending her dollars.

“I don’t know why he sends money. But he told me it’s to show that he’s real,” quipped Ynez.

The other suitors are from Ireland who’s a teacher and from Spain who is a private detective. He met both in Guam.

“I found out that there’s more to life than Mon. I was able to travel and was able to do a lot of things. But I’m taking my time. I’m still young and I don’t want another serious relationship at the moment!”

She added that if ever she decides to settle down, she sees herself ending up with a foreigner and living abroad.

Also in the works for Ynez for 2007 is a recording album. She is currently looking for materials.