Cop to spill beans on Etong’s death

PHILIPPINE NEWS SERVICE — A RANKING police officer of the Quezon City Police has signified his intention to “spill the beans” on the death of Ted Failon’s wife.

This was disclosed yesterday by Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez who said that this police officer, whom he refused to identify, is volunteering crucial and credible information regarding the celebrated shooting.

The Justice chief said he referred the official to the National Bureau of Investigation, which recently took over the investigation from the Philippine National Police.

Gonzalez bared that the information that will come from the said officer will focus, among others, on blood traces in the crime scene and the conversation between Failon and one of the househelps.

“There was a police officer who visited me. He was telling me a lot of things about his findings and conclusions claiming that he was one of the first who arrived at the house of Ted Failon. However, I referred him to the NBI.”

“He just told me that he is connected with the QC police and would like to help clear the situation because of the conflicting stories coming out and he feels that he is competent enough,” Gonzalez added.

Gonzalez also declined to reveal the details of his conversation with the police officer, stating “the case was already with the NBI.”

“He had a very detailed story eh but I have not taken it down. I don’t know if the NBI will appreciate his statement baka lumaki ang istorya tapos idisregard ng NBI,” he said.

But Gonzalez reiterated that such information was crucial and credible.

“It would be crucial because the police were the first ones to undertake the investigation. They had the fist opportunity to visit the scene of the incident and interview the househelps,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez also have noted that the police officer seem to emphasize the conversation that took place between Ted Failon and one of the househelps.

“This fellow described what seemed to be the conversation between Ted and one specific househelp but I did not get the details of that anymore. I thought it quite important what he was talking about the conversation of Ted Failon and one of the housemaids regarding the getting of the key, etc,” he said.