Guinea steps up anti-Ebola efforts

CONAKRY, (PNA/Xinhua) — Guinea is now redirecting its efforts to fight against Ebola epidemic in Macenta region that neighbours Liberia, where it has set up a 25-bed capacity transit center, health authorities said on Tuesday.

The region has witnessed an upsurge of new Ebola cases, with 12 of them being confirmed recently.

Sakoba Keita, head of the disease prevention unit in Guinea’s health ministry, said the increased cases of Ebola virus in Macenta can be attributed to the region’s proximity to Liberia where health authorities have not been able to control the spread of Ebola.

Yomou and N’Zerekore regions in southeast Guinea have remained areas of concern for the Guinean government and its health partners because the regions are situated not far away from Liberia.

Keita said the government plans to set up transit centers in those particular areas under the current anti-Ebola campaign.

At the same time, the government plans to set up 15 health control points along the Guinean border with Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Statistics released by Guinean authorities on Aug. 18 showed that so far, 559 people have been contaminated by Ebola in the country, out of which 396 have died.