5 Libyan Islamist militants killed in Tripoli airstrikes

TRIPOLI, (PNA/Xinhua) — An unknown warplane bombed Islamist militants in Libya’s volatile capital of Tripoli on Monday, killing five and injuring several, according to sources.

The fighter jet launched airstrikes on some camps near the airport highway in Tripoli where one Islamist armed group from Misrata stationed, said Alaa Dweik, spokesperson of the militant group Central Libya Shield.

Dweik added that five militants were killed and the injured had not been counted.

Tripoli Medical Center and Mitiga hospital also confirmed that they received a number of injured after the airstrikes.

It is not immediately clear about the identity of the warplane, and some local media reported that any of the warring militia groups in Tripoli do not have such powerful war planes.

One Libyan TV channel claimed that the warplane belonged to the Italian Air Force, but later Italian Ambassador to Libya Joseph Jerima denied Italy’s involvement in the incident.

Since July 13, clashes between Islamist armed groups and pro- secular militias in Tripoli have left at least 102 people dead and 452 others wounded.

Meanwhile, in eastern Benghazi, fierce fighting has continued between the army and Islamist militant groups, who are now in control of most of the city.

As the clashes intensify, a number of countries have evacuated their embassies and citizens from Libya.