Calbayog’s diversion road classified as national road

CALBAYOG CITY, Aug. 14 (PNA) — Calbayog diversion road has been classified by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) as a national road by virtue of department order no. 80, series of 2014.

The road with a total length of 16.578 kilometers starts from Cagsalaosao village of Calbayog City to Monbon village of Sta. Margarita, Samar.

It is a two-lane road with 6.7-meter width of carriageway, complete with slope protection including the construction of 65-meter Nijaga Bridge.

The Calbayog diversion road provides an alternate route to decongest traffic in the Poblacion of Calbayog. The volume of traffic plying along the national road from Luzon to myriad places of destinations has been congesting the national road at the city proper.

Its construction kicked off in 196 that was managed by the DPWH regional office. It became a multi-year project until the 12 road sections connecting the vital road networks in Calbayog City are opened, constructed, upgraded and concrete paved with some of the packages undertaken by the first engineering district of Samar.

As a national road, the road sections will be included in the district’s road network which will receive funding for maintenance.

The diversion road used to be unclassified. It has long been opened to the public even prior to its recent completion. (PNA)