Lim Implements Simplified Standards for License/Permits

Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim, in Executive Order No. 13 (2009), directed all the departments involved in processing and issuance of business permits and licenses to review and propose systems that will ensure compliance with the Standard Business Registration and Permit process (SBRP) for new businesses.

In keeping with the Cooperation Agreement between the city and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) to adopt the SBRP, the city commits to focus on reforms like adopting a unified and single business permit application; implementing a One-Time Assessment (OTA) for all business permit- related fees and charges and a One-Time Payment Systems (OTP) .

The Mayor created a Simplification Management Team (SMT) led by City Administrator Jesus Mari P. Marzan and Simplification Project Team (SPT) led by Director Nelson I. Alivio of the Business Permits and Licensing Office. The teams will oversee the successful implementation within the framework of the Agreement and undertake technical work to accomplish the project’s objectives and targets within the specified timelines.

The BPLO will be the SBRP Focal office with Alivio as the “client manager” who will be the contact of IFC with respect to any communication between IFC and the City Government.

Alivio is also tasked with leading and coordinating the activities of the concerned departments; developing an SBRP Work and report to Marzan the progress of related activities.

“This One-Stop Shop will ensure smooth and fast processing of business permits and licenses where the clients will no longer suffer from strenuous office-to-office and bulky-document transactions,” Alivio said.

Marzan will assume general oversight of the initiative and in turn reports to the Mayor.

Lim said SBRP will not only improve the business environment of the city but will make it responsive to the “Anti Red Tape Act of 2007” and the citizens charter.