Ebola infection risk low in Croatia

ZAGREB, (PNA/Xinhua) — The risk of Ebola infection in Croatia is considered low at present although WHO declared the Ebola outbreak an international public health emergency, Croatia’s health ministry said Friday.

There has been no reports of Ebola cases in the country so far, the ministry said.

Croatian authorities stepped up public health control in line with recommendations from WHO and European Commission in April following outbreak of the Ebola virus disease in West Africa, it said.

Based on the Act on Protection Against Infectious Diseases, persons arriving in Croatia from the affected countries must be under medical observation for 21 days, it said.

To address people’s concern over the matter, the ministry assured providing the public timely information on additional measures that might be adapted.

According to latest figures from WHO on Wednesday, death toll from the Ebola outbreak rose to 961 victims.

The risk of infection for people is generally low since human infections result from direct contact with body fluids, organs and blood of infected patients.

There’s no airborne spread.