Mandaue City to relaunch ‘I am Mandaue’ campaign

MANDAUE CITY, Cebu, Aug. 5 (PNA) — The Mandaue City Government will relaunch on August 30 the “I am Mandaue” campaign that aims to encourage residents to share their knowledge and contribute to the city’s development.

The relaunching is one of the highlights of the week-long celebration of the City’s Charter Day on August 30.

Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes said “I am Mandaue” was formally launched two years ago, but they saw after the launching the need to introduce more changes in the campaign.

Cortes said the “I am Mandaue” campaign aims to involve all people in Mandaue City not only barangay officials, city hall employees, businessmen, but all sectors for the city’s development.

He said the campaign is in line with his administration’s commitment for transparency and good governance.

He said they are now on stage 3 of the Performance Governance System (PGS), a good governance framework that the city implements with the help of the Institute for Solidarity Asia.

The campaign emphasizes values that every Mandauehanon should embrace, such as sense of pride, said Cortes.

The role of every constituent in building a “character city” is by practicing good values and taking pride in their socio-cultural heritage, he said.

Cortes said the city government lined up different priority projects for implementation for the remaining two years of his administration.

Among them is the 6.5 hectares socialized housing project in Barangay Paknaan intended for the 1,200 informal settlers living in the city’s danger zones.

The project, he said, should be the showcase of the cooperation among the public and private sectors and the people. (PNA)