Philippine Society in Japan, Nagoya Chapter (PSJNC) officers inducted

Ms. Ana Marie L. Hernando, Vice-Consul of the Philippine Consulate General’s Office in Osaka was the inducting officer and inspirational speaker at the recently concluded Iinduction ceremony and party of the Philippine Society in Japan, Nagoya Chapter held at the Resort Trust Weddinf Hall in Nagoaya City.

Inducted into office were: President – Anselmo “Bong” Benitez, Vice- President – Lovelina Torigoe, Secretary – Gigi Ito, Asst. Secretary – Rosemarie Fujiwara, Treasurer- Neysa Itoh, Asst. Treasurer – Sony Benitez, Auditor – Francis Oaquiera, PRO- Banana Ishii, Choreographer – Gescela Ishimoto, Web Aministrators – Jao Abenoja and Lito Dilao, Chairpersons, External Affairs Committee- Marie Bueno-Yagi and Yolanda Kobayashi, Chairpersons, Membership Committee – Lyndon Engbino and Rowena Ampoyas Hishikawa, Chairpersons, Welfare Committee – Marissa Fukuzawa and Desmond Segovia, Chairpersons, Finance Committee – Mary Ann Kobayashi and Evelyn Pastor, Chairpersons, Cultural Affairs Committee – Esteban Billoso and Jeff Roxas. PSJNC Immediate Past Presdent is Susan de Ono-Laset.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Benitez pledge to continue the programs initiated by the past leaders of the association. He vowed to work hard to realize the completion of the PSJNC-APO GK Nagoya Village in Santa Cruz, Laguna where PSJNC and Alpha Phi Omega Internationa Service Fraternity have partnered to build thirty houses for the homeless in cooperation with Gawad Kalinga. Two years ago, PSJNC also had a school called PSJNC Sandiwaan Learning Center constructed at the Smokey Mountain.

All the members and guests headed by Ms. Hernando, Mr. Takashi Nakagawa of the Philippine Airlines, Mr. Natalio Naguit of the Philippine National Bank, and Professor Seiko Hanochi of Chukkyu University, Mr. Danilo Guardiano, president of KAFIN and Mr. Patrick Shigyo, president of Guardians International were resplendent in their Filipiniana attire which the host requested.