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Welcome to the new Philippines Today.

Philippines Today .Net was originally launched in June 2001. Long after the printed version has ceased circulation, the website continued to be of service to Filipinos all over the world as a source of information and news concerning Filipinos, including community affairs for those residing in Japan.

Philippines Today .Net was relaunched in August 2006 with a new format – now it is a community driven website where articles are contributed mostly by our online users. With a new thrust aptly described by the words “Sharing news, exchanging views, on issues affecting the Global Filipino,” Philippines Today .Net offers a niche on the web where Filipinos can share views and discuss issues that affect them individually and as a nation. Our site statistics confirmed the continued strong presence of Philippines Today .Net among online users, with increasing hits and page views surpassing our previously held record prior to the reformatting.

We therefore welcome everyone to post articles in this site, comment on posted articles, post events in our calendar, and open new threads for discussion in our Forums section. A simple registration is all it takes to enable these features. We especially encourage writers and groups out there to post articles they deem relevant to global Filipinos everywhere. We hope that you will find these free services useful and join this growing online global Filipino community.

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