Aklan tourism office to showcase first indigenous food festival

KALIBO, Aklan, July 23 (PNA) — The Aklan Provincial Tourism Office is promoting the forthcoming first ‘Tinuom’ Festival of Madalag town.

Roselle Ruiz of the provincial tourism office said Wednesday that the local word “tinuom” describes a local highland dweller’s recipe with native chicken as original ingredient. It is usually wrapped in leaves.

Other basic ingredients include salt, pepper, onion, lemongrass, and tomatoes. The fluid from the chicken itself cooks all the ingredients, resulting in very flavorful soup.

Because of the festival, all the 17 towns in the province now have its own festival to promote a recipe.

“The Tinuom Festival will happen on July 30 in Madalag,” said Ruiz.

For several years, the Aklan province has been advocating the One Town, One Festival scheme to promote tourism. (PNA)