Travel Independent With TripDJ

Many will do all they can to avoid getting lost on their travels. For such people, getting lost is an unfortunate occurrence. There are others however, who do not see it like that. To these travelers, getting lost is part of the adventure of traveling. They get thrills from finding their way in foreign places and consider it a lot of fun to ask around for directions. For them, getting lost is perhaps the best part of traveling. Well, if you are one of those adventurous people, then TripDJ is definitely something for you.

TripDJ is a free online travel guide for travelers who thrive on being independent and carefree. Unlike many other online travel guides, TripDJ gathers its information on various travel spots from people who have traveled to these locations themselves. It encourages the sharing of travel information between people in the World Wide Web. This project seeks to build something of a community of travelers that transcends the boundaries of language, and where everyone can find the relevant information needed for a particular location that they intend to visit.

TripDJ is looking for people who believe in the philosophy that getting lost in their travels are part of the experience. Have a look at some of these statements below and see if you agree with them.

* The lesser known places get less coverage and hence less people go there
* Guidebooks are useful but you can travel without them
* Planning your trip with wild search is never easy
* Search result turned out to be another hotel booking website
* Indigenous people often only wear traditional cloths for festive occasions
* Not all beaches are postcard perfect
* It’s better to show a picture of Nasi Lemak than describing it in 300 words
* Carry a big thick guidebook and often end up using only 10% of it
* A 9-days Europe trip is way too short
* Chances you talk to a local is slim when you are in a guided tour

If you find yourself in agreement with the statements above, then you are the person we are looking for to contribute to the TripDJ project. So pay a visit to and see what you can find, and if you have any valuable information about foreign travel locations, why not share them with others?