Electronics sector employs highest among manufacturing establishments, census says

By Kris M. Crismundo

MANILA, July 11 (PNA) — The electronic components industry has employed highest number of personnel among manufacturing establishments, Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) 2012 Census of Philippine Business and Industry reported Friday.

The PSA report mentioned that the electronics sector has employed a total of 139,930 in 2012 or sharing 13.2 percent of the total employment of industries reaching 1,056,172.

Aside from employing largest number of workers, the electronics industry also contributed highest value of output in the same year which amounted to Php 4.3 trillion.

Following the electronics sector with highest number of employees, wearing apparel establishments employed 107,883 workers or sharing 10.2 percent of the total.

Establishments which manufacture other food products had employed third largest number of employees of 76,781.

This is followed by parts and accessories for motor vehicles with 63,500 employees and computers and peripheral equipment and accessories with 52,784 employees.

Completing the top 10 industries which employed highest number of employees are: plastic products with 38,971 workers; processing and preserving of fruits and vegetables with 29,664 employees; other fabricated metal products and metal working service activities with 29,311 employees; non-metallic mineral products with 28,297 workers; and processing and preserving fish, crustaceans and molluscs with 26,815 workers.

Moreover, the PSA said among the total number of employees of manufacturing establishments in 2012 about 99.6 percent were paid workers and the remaining were working owners and unpaid workers.

“In 2012, total compensation paid to employees by manufacturing establishments with total employment of 20 and over was estimated at Php 267.3 billion or 38.2 percent higher than Php 193.4 billion generated in 2010. This is equivalent to an average annual compensation of Php 254,110 and Php 222,034 per employee in 2012 and 2010, respectively,” the statistics office said.

Meanwhile, top three industries which paid the highest salary per employee are refined petroleum products with annual compensation per employee of Php 1.88 million; dairy products with Php 932,646 annualy; and air and spacecraft and related machinery with Php 747,457 yearly. (PNA)