Shell and Petron to rollback diesel and kerosene prices Tuesday

MANILA, July 7 (PNA) — Shell and Petron will implement a rollback on the prices of their diesel and kerosene products Tuesday, July 8.

The two companies will decrease by 85 centavos the price of diesel per liter and kerosene at 95 centavos per liter. The lowered price will take effect at 12 am, July 8.

Specifically, Petron will implement the 85 centavos decrease of diesel on both their Turbo Diesel and Diesel Max Products.

On the other hand, Shell noted that there will be no change in the price of their gasoline.

The Philippines is dependent on other countries for its oil supply but the Department of Energy (DOE) conducts seismic data checks continuously to find potential oil extraction areas in the country.

The DOE’s latest prospect is the Bentham Rise located in Isabela, which was added to the Philippine territory in 2012. (PNA)