Baguio City conduct trainings to empower coops

BAGUIO CITY, July 4 (PNA) -– The Special Services Division (SSD) of the Office of the Mayor, Baguio City spearheaded the conduct of a training-seminar on Cooperative Standards with the Cooperative Union of Baguio City (CUBC).

This was participated in by general managers, treasurers and audit committee of micro cooperatives in the city.

The Cooperative Standards Training is aimed at guiding and assisting the micro cooperatives to develop viable and responsive economic enterprises.

In an interview today, July 4, community affairs officer Michelle Agbuya said the training was designed to develop and enhance the knowledge and skills of the general managers, treasurers and audit committee on the different cooperative standards prescribed by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

Agbuya said cooperatives are expected to know the concepts of the prescribed cooperative standards, to realize the indicators and the accounts in relation to the operation and services of the cooperative and to analyze the operations of the cooperative based on the standards.

As a continuing program of the city government to micro cooperatives, the SSD is mandated to assist the cooperatives in providing guidance to the officers responsible and to further educate said officers on their roles, responsibilities and functions.

Transparency will be inculcated in the cooperative system, thus, increasing trust of members and the possibility of increasing membership as well, said Agbuya. (PNA)