More hotels needed for Kalibo

KALIBO, Aklan, June 30 (PNA) — More good tourist hotels are still needed in this town even if several existing hotels are expanding because of the increasing inclusive growth in this town.

Gerwin Garcia, president of the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Accommodations Association, said that hotels here are expanding after several banks have granted them with loans.

“There is a huge demand for Kalibo especially every January during the Ati-atihan revelry. Throughout the year, each hotel has its own marketing plan to ensure sustainability of their business operations,” said Garcia who owns the Garcia Mansions here.

Because of the lack of hotels every Ati-Atihan, both foreign and local tourists had to book in advance to ensure accommodation when they arrive here. Ati-Atihan is being considered as the “Mother of Philippine Festivals”.

“We also expect huge demand of tourists coming to Kalibo once the Air Asia implements its promise to make the Kalibo International Airport its hub outside Metro Manila,” said Garcia.

Also, reports said, new shops are coming to this town soon. Among these are the Robinsons Place, Super Saver, and Dunkin Donuts, among others. (PNA)