President Aquino reminds people in government of forefathers’ sacrifice to gain independence

MANILA, June 12 (PNA) — President Benigno S. Aquino III on Thursday reminded people in government to honor the sacrifices made by the country’s forefathers to achieve independence.

During the vin d’honneur commemorating the 116th anniversary of Philippine Independence held in Malacañang Palace, the President said people in government should also work toward realizing the full benefit of independence.

“This responsibility falls on the shoulders of all Filipinos. Perhaps, especially for those of us in government, the depth and the breadth of this responsibility can be challenging,” he said.

During his toast, the President said, “To my fellow workers in government: may we strive every day to render true and honest service, remaining mindful that our mandate and authority emanate from the people.”

Addressing the diplomatic corps, he underscored the importance of lending a helping hand to other nations that need assistance in one form or another.

“We recognize that being an independent country means being part of the larger international community. A solely inward-looking approach to governance is doomed to fail; any responsible country knows that it must also work alongside its brother nations to address the world’s problems. This is what the Philippines is doing, even with our limitations,” he explained.

He said this is the very reason why the country sent a contingent in the UN Peacekeeping Force in Golan Heights.

“Each of our countries is beset with its own internal problems. But at the same time, we recognize that no comprehensive solution can be reached without also taking into consideration the problems that the global community faces. None of us can realize our goals in isolation,” President Aquino said. (PNA)