Alerto24 Makes Domain Names and Websites Available to Anyone

Usually a professional looking website with a unique domain name is associated with a business that doing rather well – right? Well actually, that used to be the case until Alerto24 was released a few short weeks ago.

Now anyone can have their own domain name (that’s the bit after the www) and website for next to nothing, actually just 11 Pesos a day.

Now individuals, small businesses, organizations in fact anyone can enjoy a a professional looking website. Here is how it works….

You decide on a domain name, actually all the common names are already taken so you have to be a little inventive in deciding on a name.

Then contact and they will set up your website for you. You get to select form over 600 pre-built websites. The people at Alerto24 even include limited time to help you set-up your site for you.

There is an easy to use site builder that you has seven easy steps, just follow the steps and within an hour or so you will have your own live website.

The site can have text, images, picture gallery, blog, video etc. The sites look really great and a nice feature is that you get your own email address using the domain name. And you get unlimited email accounts.

All this for just 4,000 Pesos a year – less than 11 pesos a day. Worth a look.

Chris Padilla is Product Manager for Alerto24.