PHL supports UN resolution calling Crimea referendum illegal

MANILA, March 28 (PNA) — The Philippines has voted in favor of a United Nations resolution that declared as illegal the secession referendum on Crimea, a peninsula disputed by Ukraine and Russia.

In a statement on Friday, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) explained the Philippines voted to support the Ukraine-sponsored resolution before the United Nations General Assembly “based on its principled position on sovereignty, territorial integrity, rule of law and peaceful settlement of disputes.”

The Philippines, which was among the 100 nations that gave a “yes” vote to the treaty, continued to call on all parties “to respect the UN Charter and international law.”

Manila is also locked in a territorial dispute with China over some territories in the South China Sea which Philippine government officials say falls within the country’s sovereign jurisdiction.

Its vote on Thursday reflects its opposition to countries that aim to advance its territorial claim through the use of force and violate the rule of law.

The resolution was approved after receiving more than half of the assembly’s vote, with 100 countries in favor, 11 opposed and 58 abstentions.

Western nations led by the United States refused to recognize the referendum, calling the annexing of Crimean peninsula to Russia “illegal.”

The elections where majority of Crimeans chose to be part of Russia came after Russian forces occupied the territory amid weeks of tense military standoff with Ukraine.

The U.S. and its allies warned of more economic sanctions on Russia if it will not give up its claim on the Ukrainian territory. (PNA)