Palace expects success of pro-RH law advocates in Supreme Court deliberations

MANILA, March 28 (PNA) — The Palace said it hopes pro-RH advocates could successfully defend their case during the oral arguments in the Supreme Court for the eventual implementation of the law.

Asked to comment on the government position on the controversial law, Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the government has allies to defend the RH Law in the Supreme Court.

“Hindi lang po ‘yung national government pero maraming Pilipino kasing sumusuporta talaga dito doon sa batas ng Responsible Parenthood,” she told reporters in a press briefing in Malacanang on Friday.

“Umaasa po tayo na nagiging maganda ‘yung mga pagtatanggol ng mga advocates for Responsible Parenthood doon sa oral arguments sa Supreme Court.”

Valte said the Palace backs the Responsible Parenthood Law because it will empower families to decide on the size of its members.

“I mean every family is different. So every family necessarily would have to make its own decision on how best they can take care of their families given the resources that are available to them,” she said.

If every Filipino family is empowered to make those decisions on their own with the appropriate information, then no family will have to be forced to fend for a bigger family when in fact they wanted a smaller family size, she added.

And if the government could assist families manage the size for their members, families could focus on other productive things other than child rearing, Valte said.

Pro-RH advocates argue that as more teenage girls get pregnant and experience complications arising from pregnancies, the SC must rule its legality.

The high court last year issued a status quo ante order effectively stopping the implementation of the law.

The Supreme Court is expected to deliberate on the petitions against the RH law on April 8 during its summer session in Baguio City. (PNA)