New Website of the Phil’s Premier Medical Travel Facilitator

The new website is designed to give clients greater accessibility to information on taking that first step in planning their medical tours. It is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and gives clients numerous resources to keep them well informed in seeking medical, dental, cosmetic and wellness treatments in the Philippines.

The new website gives clients the ability to browse through pages which enumerate Health and Leisure services, promo packages, and the latest news and features. A testimonials page also gives first-hand accounts of clients who have experienced Health & Leisure’s brand of quality service.

Health & Leisure arranges seamless medical holiday packages for all clients abroad who plan to get their treatments in the Philippines. Our internationally-trained doctors and medical staff ensure that you get excellent quality health care all the time.

Lara Torres-Santos
Health & Leisure – Gulf Express Corporation
Phone Numbers:
Philippines – (632) 813 4527
U.S. – (818) 748 8735
FAX Number: (632) 840 0719
Email Address:

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