Rachelle Ann reveals real reason behind breakup with Christian

PNS — RACHELLE Ann Go is obviously enjoying the best of both worlds these days. While her singing career is doing well, her love life is on the upswing too. She and Gab Valenciano are currently playing beautiful music together. Their special friendship started last December.

“Funny, but at first, we weren’t talking to each other,” says the charming lass. “I knew he’s the son of Gary Valenciano but that’s just it. In fact, we don’t even exchange ‘Hi’s!’ whenever we meet in the hallways of ABS-CBN 2. My initial impression of him was that he’s a braggart, judging on the way he talked to people and carried himself. I thought he was over-confident because he is the son of Gary V.

“But all of that changed when I got to do production numbers with him in ASAP. It gave us the chance to talk and I discovered that basically, he’s a shy guy. When I told him about my first impression of him, he said that he is just like that when he talks to people but definitely, he’s not boastful. And because of his dad, I got to know Gab better. From there, our friendship developed.”

Last Christmas, they gave each other gifts.

“He gave me a MAC Book laptop. I was really touched. In return, I bought him a computer chair which he can use in his recording studio. Actually, I was with him when he canvassed its price. I advised him not to buy it and instead, scout for a cheaper one. Without his knowledge, I had the chair reserved. Then, exactly on Christmas day, together with Tita Angeli (Pangilinan, Gab’s mother), I put it in his room. When he saw it, he was very happy!”

Now that she has found a new love, Rachelle is open to reveal the real reason behind her break-up with ex-boyfriend Christian Bautista.

“It’s okay to talk about it since it is water under the bridge now. For the record, there was no third party involved. The numerous things we didn’t agree upon triggered our decision to call it quits. Unknown to the public, during our two-year relationship, we were on and off because of said differences. Perhaps, we were just good in handling our feelings in front of the cameras. We tried working things out but our efforts were futile.

“So before things get worse, we agreed to end our relationship but vowed to become friends. Later, we realized that indeed, we’re better off as such. Now, we understand each other better as compared to the time when we were still together.”

Lack of time for each other was another pertinent factor for their split-up.

“We spent more time working than being together. It was only during ASAP that Christian and I get to see each other regularly and if we had shows together. Sad but true.

“It’s good that we became good friends despite what happened to our love affair. In fact, he’s one of my special guests in my forthcoming show at the Music Museum titled Falling in Love. Gab will also be one of the guest performers,” excitingly informs Rachelle.