Pops: I will always love Martin

PNS — ASKED on her reaction regarding beau Jomari Yllana’s recent pronouncement that she will be the last woman in his life, Pops Fernandez blurts out:

“Really? Well, I hope so, too. We’re already on our third year as steadies and we’re still in the getting-to-know stage until now. We still discover a lot of new things about each other. We are working everything out. It’s pretty exciting. Let’s wait and see.”

Interestingly, Jomari is producing her comeback concert with former husband Martin Nievera titled Missing You under his Fearless Productions slated on February 6. Pops salutes her boyfriend’s enthusiasm and hands-on approach to the project.

“This is his first venture as a concert producer. I feel flattered that for his opening salvo, he chose a concert that would reunite Martin and me on stage. For the benefit of those who don’t know yet, Jom is a true blue Pops-Martin fan. At first, I didn’t believe him but in the course of our relationship, I realized that he really meant it. I greatly appreciate that he is exerting his best efforts to ensure our show’s success.”

Many are happy with the positive development between her and Martin.

“Yes, we are very amicable to each other these days. In fact, we check on each other from time to time, especially when it concerns our sons Robin and Ram. The two are very pleased that mom and dad are friends now. You know, those two boys are more mature than their parents. I’m proud of them.”

Pops is aware that even if they’re already leading separate lives, she and Martin will forever be connected.

“Oh, yes. Apart from our kids, there are our legions of followers who are still hopeful that we’ll reconcile in the future. In fact, many are teasing me that Jom, Martin and I will be a love triangle forever. Ha-ha-ha!”

Despite their failed union, Pops admits that: “I will always love Martin and he will always have a special place in my heart. We’ve known each other for the longest time now. I just want him to find his true happiness.”

Meanwhile, she is soon joining the illustrious cast of the popular ABS-CBN 2 soap I Love Betty la Fea?

“It will be fun because my friend Ruffa (Gutierrez) is there. I’m also an avid viewer of the original Ugly Betty so more or less, I’m already familiar with the characters.”