PRESS STATEMENT From Manila Media Bureau

To set the record straight, much has been said and written about the alleged position being held by Ms. Isabel de Leon in the City government of Manila.

Ms. De Leon’s appointment as Information Technology Officer expired on Sept. 30, 2008 and has not been renewed todate for two reasons: a) de Leon has filed four irrevocable resignations since December 2007 and b) she has expressed her desire to devote more time to taking care of her ailing parents.

In effect, because of the non renewal of her appointment and her failure to submit the necessary requirements for a reappointment, de Leon has not received a single centavo of compensation from the City government since October 1, 2008

This will clearly debunk the accusation that she is a 15-30 ghost employee of the City. Last December, Mayor Lim appointed in a concurrent capacity Chief of Staff Ricardo de Guzman as head the Media Bureau.