Dagupan police, PDEA seize P400,000 worth of illegal drugs

DAGUPAN CITY, Feb. 27 (PNA)–The joint Dagupan Police and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) scored anew a major victory against illegal drugs when they seized 75 grams of shabu worth some P400,000 from a two-storey apartment in Barangay Mangin here Thursday afternoon.

The operation led to the arrest of the woman pusher identified as alias Bulao Jamal, 30, of Marawi City, who is a vendor selling fake Digital Versatile Diskettes (DVDs) and Compact Disks (CDs) in downtown, Dagupan City.

Abjahano confirmed that this is the 16th successful operations against illegal drugs by the police and PDEA in Dagupan City since January this year, and so far it is the biggest.

He admitted that last week, 70 grams of shabu worth more than P350,000 were also netted in a prior operation against peddlers of illegal drugs in Dagupan City.

The latest drug buy-bust was affected by lawmen after a long surveillance against the suspect, which started as early as late last year.

Arrested with the woman suspect were two minor children, both boys, whose names were not disclosed. The boys were identified by the suspect as her cousin and nephew who, she said, were helping her in her fake DVD and CD business.

From the evidence gathered so far, it appeared that the suspect was placing the shabu in wrappers of candies and gums which we suspect are being passed to buyers of fake DVDs and CDs, Abrahano said.

Mayor Belen Fernandez congratulated the Dagupan police led by Abrahano and PDEA in the latest drug buy-bust in Dagupan, saying that this is a strong manifestation that her administration is sincere in weeding out illegal drugs in the city.

“We will not stop our campaign against illegal drugs which is continuing. We will have no mercy for persons who destroy our children and the youth,” Fernandez said, noting that this is the 16 successful drug buy-bust operation in the city this year.

“They (drug pushers) must be punished. . . must have to go to jail and pay their crime to the society. Imagine, one drug pusher is capable of destroying the future of 20 to 30 children,” the mayor said.

She expressed hope that illegal drugs be finally eradicated in Dagupan but added that this can not be done overnight and needs the support of every body. (PNA)