Archbishop Quevedo to be officially named a cardinal on Saturday in Vatican

MANILA, Feb. 21 (PNA) — Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo will be officially elevated to the College of Cardinals at the Vatican on Saturday.

The celebration will be headed by Pope Francis where the 19 new cardinals including the Filipino bishop will be declared as cardinal.

The 74-year old bishop will receive his red hat and ring together with other new cardinals during the consistory.

The red hat and ring are the symbols of his membership in the College of Cardinals.

As a Cardinal, he will be directly addressed as “Eminence” and as a member of the College of Cardinals, he will assist the Pope in governing the Catholic Church.

Quevedo is the Philippine Catholic Church’s eighth Cardinal.

Cardinals are in charge of the various congregations of the Roman Curia and one of the chief privileges of the College of Cardinals is to elect a successor following the death of the Pope.

During the consistory, the new cardinals will also be assigned a “titular church” in Rome, formally making them members of the diocesan clergy of Rome. The Church’s first cardinals were from the diocese of Rome.

On January, the Holy Father announced that Quevedo was named as cardinal. (PNA)