RP – case of Catch 22

RP – case of Catch 22

Let us suppose that Malacanang, Inc. has set for its goal-setting priority the whole agenda of going about charter change at the earliest time possible and – at whatever costs to pay. And then it succeeds despite massive opposition to it by people across the social stratification. Ergo, we either have a GMA playing role as Prime Minister or President – depending on how the new Constitution has designed the entire scenario of “GMA Forever” – to be.

When that happens, it would only result in one thing. The combined force of the AFP and the PNP will be put to good use in a scheme of massive militarization as the editorial of Malaya has already suspected it to be – a way to condition the minds of the people toward the upcoming cha-cha. So is this the reason why a lot of military and police troops are being stationed in malls, markets, other public places as though the whole Holiday Season has always been wrought with crime drives from lawless elements? Even criminals take a break from the trade, don’t they?

Well, that is getting close to being paranoid and it is stupid enough that the armed services will be the first to worry about some mythical thinking of a mercurial rise in crime rates on such a time when peace reigns across the universe. It is an entirely misplaced activity for the PNP to state that they are there to protect the populace. Protect from what? It is as if the security and intelligence services of the AFP and PNP have been commissioned by purely civilian corporate entities than really taking charge of their own vital stations – the military camps, the police stations, and the borders.

That is entirely absurd for the AFP and PNP, individually or both, to do – a total waste of resources. The days and weeks from December and January next year are not one that necessitates their presence everywhere and more so of the possible violations on human rights resulting from checkpoints or chokepoints that are being built along roads and highways. Has not the Supreme Court already ruled on the un-constitutionality of this gun-totting activity?

It seems that in the higher order of things, there is more to it than meets the eyes. Perhaps, every corner of a highway or rotundas will have checkpoints and military and police personnel will be guarding malls, markets, churches, and publicly-frequented facilities to insure that peace and order are preserved. We might as well request the AFP and PNP to post their personnel in villages, subdivisions, hotels, motels – everywhere? If their strength is found wanting, then Malacanang can always advertise so new recruits will be added to the total strength?

Perhaps, there is a sort of loose hair coming from the Secretary of the Department of Health in his stupid TV ads showing rather morbid cases of bodily accidents resulting from our traditional mania of starting the year with a bang – as in lighting some firecrackers. According to that doctor, he wants to scare everyone on the dangers of buying pyrotechnics or firecrackers for this New Year’s celebration. What a kill joy can this doctor-secretary get not to say all his TV ads lack elementary good taste – as though that would scare the wits out of those who will still light firecrackers no matter what. Maybe it is the PNP who wants to be sure, no explosives will anymore be circulating around in time for “martial law” – in its most subliminal form.

Or so, why Enrile posts himself as the Senate President? It tells us Malacanang, Inc. – with that end in view of “GMA Forever” – only will place key players who will kowtow to the whim of the lady-occupant – call it at the next judical turn as usurper of power. Maybe, the Malaya editorial is thinking right that some early signs of a martial law regime are already taking place. And rabid politicians in Congress are there to usurp power by excluding the Senate in the whole agenda long set as a goal by the ruling administration.

We shall see more of Mar in street rallies shouting that infamous “Putang ina! Ano ba ito?”. As a people, we have become dumb and numb. We have become deaf and blind. We have become easy to be governed and perhaps, Enrile keeps on reading his book, “The Prince” and that of the works of George Orwell – preparatory to what we may call the Orwellian nightmare?

There is nothing more to save. Erap caved in – for fear of his life. In the thick of the “hello Garci” – we lost the legal battle in Congress and in the Supreme Court – for fear. All born out of fear – we will, as a people, lose in the rest of the battles and the Lady wins each and every time. Maybe, she who has the gold rules the world and with a very interested First Gentleman in a “conjugal affair” to ram the cha-cha through our throats, there seems to be no real option left. An all-consuming ‘prostitution’ as the Joc Joc inquiry might suggest is taking place at all levels of governance. Poor us – nothing more to save.

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