The Japan-China Exchange Year of Culture & Sports 2007

The Orchestra Asia Japan Concert

March 1st, 2007 at Kioi Hall (Chiyoda-ku)
18:30 Door open  
19:00 START

Orchestra Asia JapanThe Orchestra Asia Japan is proud to announce a concert at Kioi Hall on March 1, 2007 to commemorate the Japan-China Exchange year of Culture and Sports 2007.

The Orchestra Asia Japan is an ensemble that consists of Japanese members who are known for its unique approach using new and original sounds only using traditional instruments from East Asian countries especially Japan, China and Korea.

The first segment focuses on the challenge to create a new and powerful sound based on Japanese traditional music. The second segment features the collaboration of the Orchestra Asia Japan and Chinese Composer Tang Jian Ping. Tan is the first person to receive a Ph.D in music in China. In this concert, Tan’s latest work will release with the performance of Na Ri Su (Special guest, Morin Khuur player from China) as world premiere.

In conjunction with the concert, a musical education workshop will be held at school gyms at elementary and junior high schools in Tokyo area. Through experiences like these, Orchestra Asia aims at familiarizing students with traditional Japanese sounds.

In the Fall of 2007, the Orchestra Asia will be touring Japan, China and Korea. We invite you to the new fusion of Asian traditional Music.


The Orchestra Asia Japan

This ensemble founded in 1993 consists of the Japanese member of the Orchestra Asia, which plays music on traditional instruments from Japan, China, Korea and other east Asia countries. In addition to the activities with the Orchestra Asia, the Orchestra Asia Japan offers regularly scheduled performances and holds concert and musical education workshops for the youth and as a unique orchestra that covers all Japanese traditional instruments used in Hogaku and Gagaku (Japanese traditional music).

Conductor / Yasushi Inada

Yasushi Inada studied at the Kyoto National University of Fine Arts and Music and the Vienna National Academy. He is active in various fields such as conducting operettas, modern Hohgaku, and directing the music in the “Ichikawa Ennosuke Super Kabuki”. In 1995, the TV program in which he conducted the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra received the Czech Crystal Modern Music Award at the “International TV Festival Golden Prague”. In 1997, he was appointed a conductor of the Orchestra Asia.

Composer / Tang Jian Ping

Tang Jian Ping is known as the first ever Ph. D. in Music in China, and currently Head of Composition of the China Conservatory. His broad work spans from composing symphony, concerto, ballet music, chamber music. His most current works are “Ancient Land” (original music for the Orchestra Asia), Biwa concerto “Syun-ju,” operetta “Ten-nin” and more.

Special Guests

Na Ri Su / Morin Khuur player

Baiga Iwai / Japanese Traditional Dancer of Iwai-ryu.
(Fifth generation of Baiga Iwai)

Experimental “Hogaku” workshop coming up
Supported by Yomiuri Shimbun, / Sponsored by MITSUI & CO., LTD.

In conjunction with this concert, we will hold “Hogaku” education workshops at the schools in Tokyo area. The workshop is composed by lecture and guidance of Japanese traditional instruments. This workshop aims to give the experience of playing Japanese Instruments to youth who have the possibility to be the future member of the Orchestra Asia. Please support our project with your generosity and expectation.

Amanuma Junior High (Suginami-ku) Jan. 30th, 2007
Okubo Elementary (Shinjuku-ku) Feb. 6th, 2007
Takaido the forth Elementary (Suginami-ku) Feb.13th, 2007

※ These workshops will not be opened to the public except the press.

Summary of the concert

Concert Title:
“The Japan-China Exchange Year of Culture and Sports 2007”
The Orchestra Asia Japan Concert

Place :
At Kioi Hall (6-5 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Time and Date:
March 1st, 2007
18:30 door open
19:00 start

The Orchestra Asia Japan
Yasushi Inada / Conductor

Special Guests:
Baiga Iwai / Traditional Japanese Dance
Na Ri Su / Morin Khuur

Programs (tentative):

Part 1: The modern expression of Japanese traditional music masterpieces.
1. Nagauta “Kanjin-cho”
2. Nagauta “Genroku Hanami Odori”
3. Gagaku “Etenraku”
4. Biwa ”Kuzure”
5. Gidayu “ Nozaki-mura”
6. Syakuhachi”Tsuru- no –sugomori”
7. Koto “Chidori-no-kyoku”

Part 2: The fusion of Japanese and Chinese traditional musical currents
“ Genwa- the source of piece( tentative title)” Composed by Tang Jian Ping ※World premiere

and more….

Hosted by:
Japan Committee of Orchestra Asia
Foundation Japan Culture Center for Youths and Children

Supported by:
Embassy of the People’s Republic of China
The Yomiuri Shimbun

Sponsored by:
TORAY Industries ,Inc.

Ticket Price: S ¥5,000- , A ¥4,000-
※ reservation needed.
We offer discount price for the students under 12th grade (ticketing only from Japan Committee of Orchestra Asia).

Please refrain from bringing children under elementary.

Electronic Ticket PIA:
Tel 0570-02-9999 or 0570-02-9990 (P code: 242-893)

Box office at Kioi Hall:
Tel 03-3237-0061 / Business hours Mon. – Sat., 10a.m-6p.m

Japan Committee of Orchestra Asia:
Tel 03-3295-6147 / Business hours Mon. – Fri., 10a.m-6p.m