Palace asks China anew to join arbitration proceeding on sea row

By Azer N. Parrocha

MANILA, Feb 8 (PNA) — Malacanang on Saturday called on China anew to join the arbitration proceeding on the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda on state-run dzRB Radyo ng Bayan, raised the issue in reaction to reports that China considered President Benigno S. Aquino III’s Munich Analogy as “unreasonable”.

The Munich Analogy is a belief that aggression must always be met firmly and that appeasement will only encourage an aggressor such as concessions that Sudetenland be given to Hitler in World War II.

Lacierda reiterated the President’s statement in his interview with The New York Times where he was quoted saying “At what point do you say, ‘Enough is enough’? referring to China’s claims on sea territory.

“We have already brought this matter to arbitration, this is an arbitration proceeding which China and the Philippines signed as well,” he said.

The Malacanang official explained that because the issue is multi-lateral and multi-country, not just the Philippines and China but other countries should be involved as well.

“In that case, resolving a situation with one country will not necessarily solve the conflict of other countries because this (China’s claim) covers a number of countries,” Lacierda said.

“We have endeavored to achieve peace through arbitration, we ask the world to support us in this endeavor and we ask China to join us in this arbitration proceeding,” he added. (PNA)