Can financial betting make money??

Nowadays, there are many different investment tools and platforms for traders and investors to build their fortune.

There are several reasons why investors keep financial betting in their portfolio when it comes to generating return from investment.

You can make money no matter the stock / financial markets go up or down, meaning there are more opportunities to make a profit.

Investors make profit from financial betting without actually owning the underlying asset.

The opportunity to make returns extends beyond in regardless of a share price goes up or down and there is an ever growing number of bets available.

Bets are not restricted to shares. Indeed betting on individual shares makes up only a small proportion of betting possibilities which include stock indices, forex and commodities.

There is no market closing time since financial betting extends to other major indices and markets.When one market closes, another one opens. It runs 24/7.

The returns on financial betting can be much higher than share investment. A share might go up 10%, while the bet gives a 40% return. Of course if the bet fails then the stake is lost, unlike a share where it’s unlikely the share will lose all value.

Transactional costs of financial betting are lower compare to share trading (stamp duty,capital gains tax and etc) . Financial betting doesn’t incur such charges and the returns are tax-free. Instead the betting company makes its money through the spread that is quoted for the trade.

The conclusion is that the benefits are there to be seen but always go for the size that you can afford to lose and it is recommended for those who have self controlled! Try the virtual account from one of my favorite fixed odds trading site – – before touching your cash.Definition:
Fixed Odds trading (so called financial betting) allow you to trade or bet on financial market price movements.

How it works:
You will be quoted $xx amount of contract purchase price (so called stake) when you want to gain $xxx amount of profit.

If the USD / JPY at 11h00 is 116.10, and you expect the market at 16h00 will be higher than 116.10.

Simply go to and select the currency, time, and the amount you want to gain from this transaction (bet). The page will quote you $xx amount of contract purchase price (so called stake) if you want to gain $xxxx amount of profit. After confirmation, you wait for the outcome.

At 16h00, you will win $xxxx amount of profit if USD / JPY is higher than 116.10 or you loss $xx if USD / JPY is equal or lower than 116.10 .

Fixed Odds Trading is better because
_ High payouts, limited risk
_ Winning is possible in any kind of market condition
_ Tax free in some countries
_ Maximum loss is restricted to one’s initial stake

Try the virtual account at before playing with your real cash.