P20-M flood control project in Calbayog City now 45% complete

TACLOBAN CITY, Feb. 4 (PNA) — A flood control project implemented by the Samar first district engineering office (SFDEO) of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in a village in Calbayog City is now 45 percent completed as of end of January.

The flood control project at Barangay Begaho that was allotted P20 million under the 2013 regular infrastructure fund of the department will be due for completion by end of March this year.

The SFDEO information office disclosed that the project package also include the removal of trees, structures and obstructions, structure excavation, embankment from borrow, hand-laid embankment, installation of reinforcing steel bar and pipe culverts, aggregate base course, structural concrete and 230 mm. thick concrete pavement.

Nonetheless, as the district office under Engr. Virgilio Eduarte gears for its completion first quarter of this year, it also looked forward to implement the construction, rehabilitation and improvement of flood control projects in its jurisdiction amounting to some P220 million this 2014, the information office added. (PNA)