Pacman’s training paid off

Pacman’s training paid off

Training must have been the single most important factor that made Manny ‘Pacman” Pacquiao win over Oscar ‘Golden Boy’ dela Joya in what was dubbed as the Dream Match in the global boxing scene. And necessarily, one trains under a coach of equal if not unparalleled reputation among boxing experts. In other words, Roach has given to Pacman what Pacman has to give back to Roach in return – a healthy symbiotic relationship that is seen to last until Pacman would have hit the threshold of retirement in his long boxing career.

Both Pacman and Golden Boy prepared for the fight that is perceptibly viewed as a turning point in their respective boxing careers. Each one has his own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. So that when that dream becomes reality, we have seen boxers having fought the way they should according to how their own coaches have designed their type of training to be. One is a left hand boxer with quick right jabs while the other is a right hand boxer with equally stiff left jabs. One is higher and the other lower in the rest of the basic criteria such as age, height, weight, reach, etc.

Some stuff do appear a little bit like culture-bound. Before and after the fight, we see Pacman bowed his head in presumably silent prayers at the corner of the ring for too long enough moments that may have made American viewers a little bit curious. We would not call Pacman any type of religious fanatic but where body language indicates – he just was so wishful not to fail in this fight which he dedicates to the Filipino people. But it would have been the same albeit imperceptible wishes of Golden Boy himself sans any kind of like body language. Oscar dela Joya just didn’t get the chance he must have waited for – clear windows when he can throw right hand over Pacman. Simply, it is a elusive task of shooting a speedy moving object – under its hypnosis – Oscar can’t even hazard a punch without opening himself to Pacman whose speed and power is probably without equal.

Oscar clearly has to lose in the 7th and 8th round and early on the 6th. Truth is, at the 4th round alone, Pacman has already started to show signs he can have Golden Boy handy. In other words, not until the 5th round did it become clear to the viewing universe that Pacman has really covered more ground than Oscar dela Joya, if sadly. We would have wanted to see how Golden Boy’s right hand throws would have mattered to Pacman. Even boxing experts and coaches most especially do know that fighting a left-hand boxer isn’t that easy for a right-hand b boxer. Perhaps, Oscar did not see what he could have expected from Pacman who must have closed all windows for any single opportunity for Golden Boy to land a single right hand throw over his face or body.

Oscar must have had more of legwork as Pacman did but perhaps, age already had its toll on the Golden Boy. There is no short route to give Pacman a dedicated right hand knockout punch. This is where Oscar must have failed. In all indications, Pacman really deserves to win in this Dream Match with him to rake over P735 million – a cash bounty higher than all his other wins combined. At the other end of the equation, Oscar gets as much as $25 million – enough to sustain him upon retirement from the ring. With that kind of fresh money, Pacman can hope to join a 2010 senatorial boxing fight if he were convinced enough, he will never make it as congressman. Surely, Pacman did a country proud with Noli de Castro – a chronic limelight grabber. That split-second footage is political advertising by any other name.

Pacman’s coach Roach has testified on the people’s champ brand of generosity as we have seen him share his blessings with the Filipinos abroad and his own Team Pacquiao who have reduced in weight up until the day of actual fight. Perhaps, Pacman will do a little more rounds visiting military camps to boost the morale of our wounded military personnel in hospitals and giving away some goodies if not a few hundred bucks for Christmas. Pacquiao, by his own admission, deserves the honor he has just reaped making known to the world that Filipino boxers are Mexicans’ own nemesis.

There ought to be a lesson learned from this Dream Match and that it is this – if Filipino boxers or other Filipino athletes for that matter – train under the most ideal setting, there is no reason they can win gold in the Olympics. Under the present circumstances however, much is left to be desired in the manner we have treated our athletes who compete internationally. If even the appropriated budget for athletes is being siphoned off for purposes other than where they should be budgeted for, we should expect less and less reaping gold medals. Pray tell, Pacman himself will not be used for purposes other than boxing by our skilled political wannabes before the Dream Elections of 2010.

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