Researcher finds unique industry in Iloilo

ILOILO CITY, Jan. 16 (PNA) — A Manila-based researcher has discovered a very unique industry in the city and province of Iloilo during their one-year research focused on the economic direction of the area.

While the research can not find high level competencies in the city, the economic sector is growing fast in a five-year period, according to Ella Antonio of Brain Trust Inc. tasked to research on the future economic development direction of the city.

In the agriculture industry, Antonio said they have discovered that Iloilo is producing more eggs but is also importing eggs of fighting cocks as a unique industry out to serve the needs of cock aficionados and gamblers.

Another unique feature is found in the strong medical tourism and wellness facilities in the city.

Other sectors such as banking and construction growth rate also are very high while enrollment in agriculture courses very low.

Antonio said the job mismatches and skill gaps must be addressed in the higher education sector to encourage human resource planning and data collection, scholarship program and assistance to students and promotion of school activities.

The higher education institutions need coordination among schools and supply agreement on what is demanded.

The researcher also said on the job training must be a joint management supervised by the teachers, but not by the industry. (PNA)