Globe Telecom addresses RFID interference case in Makati

MANILA, Dec. 11 (PNA) — Globe Telecom has re-calibrated the high-power radio frequency identification (RFID) system in several posh subdivisions in Makati, effectively minimizing its adverse effect on the company’s cellular services in the area.

Globe said the re-calibration was done without any impact on the overall effectiveness of these RFIDs for its intended use in the subdivisions.

The RFID system, used by several subdivisions in Makati City to monitor vehicles entering and leaving village premises, had previously caused signal interference that affected cellular services in the areas of Guadalupe all the way to Magallanes, including the stretch of EDSA along these two areas.

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is a non-contact radio technology with a special tracking tag containing electronically-stored information that uses radio waves to automatically identify people or objects.

An interference scanning test conducted by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) confirmed that the RFID systems used by the four identified villages were utilizing frequencies outside the NTC-allowed bandwidth.

This triggered discussions between Globe Telecom and homeowners representatives from North Forbes, South Forbes, Dasmarinas Village, Urdaneta Village and Bel-Air. Village representatives eventually agreed to have the RFID system re-calibrated to minimize signal interference on the Globe cellular network.

“Globe Telecom’s modernized network uses state of the art infrastructure and as such are also sensitive to interference-causing elements. Such devices like the RFIDs should be regulated more in terms of frequency spectrum and other operating parameters, otherwise they will cause interference,” said Emmanuel Estrada, Globe Head of Network Technologies Strategy.

According to Estrada, scanning tests are currently being conducted in other exclusive villages and other areas to ascertain whether their respective RFID systems also causes network interference making subscribers experience garbled lines and weak signal.

He added Globe Telecom will continue to intensify its campaign against network interference to ensure subscribers are able to maximize the benefits of the company’s network modernization initiative.(PNA)