A New Kind of Web Hosting

In an effort to once again bring customers the best in online solution services, 1.com.my is proud to announce the launch of its new web hosting service. This new service joins scores of many other services that are offered at 1.com.my; and like those services, it strives to bring customers worldwide the best it can offer with web hosting.

With close to 10 years of experience in the field of online solutions, 1.com.my knows what customers want with web hosting. 1.com.my’s web hosting is designed for websites that require high performances and have large amounts of traffic. It supports major servers like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, .NET, MySQL and SQL server. The standard plan will offer customers with 12GB of storage and 10GB of monthly bandwidth. Each account will also be given 1,000-compute cycles a month. In addition to these services, the servers are operating on a platform that is not only reliable, but one that offers fast speed as well.

1.com.my’s web hosting provide customers with more features and tools without extra charges, which so often is placed upon them by requiring them to register and pay to unlock certain features that are otherwise inaccessible. In addition, 1.com.my provides faster bandwith, more plug-ins, better image hosting, and much more with its web hosting service.

Customer service is also another part of business that 1.com.my takes seriously. It believes in the issue of reliability towards its customers and with web hosting, there is not exception. Customers will face problems with web hosting. In such a situation, 1.com.my strongly believes in giving any support required. To confirm that point, an independent 3rd party monitoring service, that made an uptime report, listed 1.com.my as one of the best web hosting service providers around. Don’t just take our word for it, visit the link below to see for yourself: http://www.startnewblog.com/2008/10/uptime-report-of-various-dns-name-servers-in-malaysia/

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If you are interested or have any inquiries about the new web hosting service please visit: www.1.com.my