Tacloban City to rise again — Pacquiao

TACLOBAN CITY, Dec. 2 (PNA) — Filipino boxing icon and Saranggani Rep. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao on Monday expressed belief that Tacloban City will rise from the pummeling its received from Supertyphoon “Yolanda” last November 8.

The boxing champ made this statement during the Tacloban City flag-raising ceremony around 8:30 a.m. Monday.

“We will fight and rise again,” Pacquiao said in Filipino to his audience who flocked by the thousands just to see him.

He also stressed that he will do everything in his authority to ensure that Tacloban City will be rebuilt and restored to its former prosperity.

“I will do everything to see to it that you (Tacloban City residents) will get back to your feet again,” he added.

Pacquiao also prayed and called for God to bless the city even as he extended his condolences to the families who suffered death and destruction during “Yolanda’s” onslaught.

Pacquiao likened Tacloban City’s ordeal to his harrowing losses to American challenger Timothy Bradley and Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez, prize fighters, whom inflicted stunning defeats to him in 2012.

But instead of sulking over this reversal, the Filipino boxing champion said he gradually worked into contention eventually culminating in his decisive win over American Brandon “Bambam” Rios in Macau last November 24.

The boxing champ said that Tacloban City residents can accomplish this with the help of their kindhearted countrymen and God’s help.

Pacquiao said that he will pray for the eventual relief and rehabilitation of Tacloban City and will do everything in his authority to help them in their hour of need.

Relatedly, the boxing champ earlier handed around P2.5 million and tons of relief goods to the Tacloban City government for distribution to distressed residents Sunday.

The money came from Saranggani province and various charitable organizations.

Aside from this, the boxing champ distributed an unspecified amount to residents whom he met while conducting relief runs in “Yolanda”-battered towns in Eastern Samar Sunday.

“Tindog Tacloban,” Pacquiao said three times before leaving for another relief run at the Tacloban City Convention Center aboard a black van. (PNA)