Lim delivers wheelchairs to disabled city residents

Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim personally distributed wheelchairs to indigent city residents suffering from polio, impaired spinal cord, cerebral palsy, and other medical conditions that impede walking.

The seven beneficiaries from Tondo, who were given wheelchairs as early Christmas presents from Lim were: Pedro Ortega of 116 P. Alfonso; Teresita Carpiso of 291 Kawit Street; Rodelio Vergara of 1577 Interior 19 F. Varona Street; Manuel Osorio of 1581 F. Varona corner Pacheco Street; Reynaldo Matuguinar of 360 Interior Pacheco Street; Rolliette Buenventura and Roy Buenaventura both living in 1301 Torres Bugalion.

The mayor enjoins the public to submit the names and addresses of persons they know who need wheelchairs to the nearest health centers or to the Manila Social Welfare Department.

Lim said that a total of 200 wheelchairs are available at Manila City Hall and ready for distribution, door to door, to indigent and disabled city residents who have need for those.

The wheelchairs were donations from various civic organizations from USA.