Indonesia, Malaysia discuss food sovereignty at scientific forum

BOGOR, West Java, Nov. 18 (PNA/ANTARA) — The Indonesian Professors Association (API) and the Malaysian Professors Association (MPN) held a scientific forum to discuss agriculture and food sovereignty at the IPB International Convention Center on Monday.

“Indonesia and Malaysia face similar problems in the agriculture sector and therefore, we organized this forum of the Indonesian-Malaysian Professors Association (IPIMA),” Professor Ari Purbayanto, Secretary of the Bogor Institute of Agriculture’s Dean Council, stated.

The theme of the forum, which is being held from November 18 to 20, is “Food Sovereignty in Indonesia and Malaysia.” The forums participants include 85 professors and academicians from Malaysia and 100 professors and academicians from Indonesia.

In addition to discussing agricultural issues, the forum will also discuss other issues, such as sustainable development, energy, the environment, health, manpower, economic, politics and education.

Agriculture still plays an important role in the development of Indonesia and Malaysia because both have agrarian economies.

The two nations were now facing problems concerning food sovereignty and food resilience, Purbayanto pointed out.

IPIMA has also agreed on exchanges of Indonesian and Malaysian scientists, lecturers, researchers and university students.

“There will be a joint conference and collaboration in research on certain issues, such as the climate change, technology innovation, social and economic issues,” Purbayanto added. (PNA/ANTARA)