Allen ‘kisses and tells’ about screen partners

PNS — AWARD-winning hunk actor Allen Dizon automatically flashes his naughty smile whenever he’s asked who among his screen partners turns him on the most.

Allen has worked with almost all the sexy stars of his time in films, stage plays and even instructional videos. He has become the favorite leading man of nymphets being launched for stardom before he became one of the Viva Hotmen.

Ara Mina was the first sexy actress he had a love scene with in “Curacha: Ang Babaing Walang Pahinga,” his first movie, too. Yet, Allen had his baptism of sorts doing steamy live sex stunts opposite the future award-winning Ara.

“We were both live sex performers in ‘Curacha’ and it was really unnerving… We had plaster to protect us while doing acrobatic sexual positions. Ara was my first showbiz crush, so I was nervous that time… I didn’t get any erection ‘coz I was scared that Direk Chito Rono might shout at me. After that stint, I learned one important lesson: It’s only a job and there’s nothing personal about it,” Allen recalls.

“I had the most screen partnership with Aya Medel, so I was most comfortable with her.

“Via Veloso— super-flawless, quiet on the set but a love scene expert.

“Ana Capri— very good actress, even in love scenes. Nice to work with her ‘coz she’s a serious actress. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

“Ynez Veneracion—has plenty of angst to work on and give out for felt performances.

“Halina Perez—very pretty and innocent face. I felt really sad when she died in an accident. We worked in a number of films and we were like ‘barkadas’ on the set.

“Aleck Bovick—I ‘baptized’ her so-to-speak, in doing love scenes in ‘Kaulayaw.’ I knew then she’d blossom into a fine actress… She had no qualms about disrobing.

“Angela Velez—had a very sexy body.

“Rita Magdalena—playful in our love scenes but she’s a terrific actress.

“Patricia Javier—very serious about her work and nice.

“Katya Santos—I take my hats off for her being professional especially when she did my stage play ‘Hipo.’ We were both daring when we worked again in ‘Boso.’ It’s nice working with her ‘coz she loves her work.

“Myles Hernandez was a joy to be with in my second stage play ‘Private Parts.’ She can be a very effective comedienne if only she’d put her heart and mind into it.

“Maui Taylor —she’s my crush, the cutest among my screen and stage partners. I enjoyed my stint with her in ‘Private Parts.’

“Most daring among them is Asia Agcaoli. While we were doing that instructional sex video, she didn’t bother wearing leucoplast to protect her private parts. If you’re her partner, you’d be embarrassed for being difficult while she’s a darling. For Asia , it’s purely work, nothing more. She’s intelligent.

“Krista Ranillo is my most conservative leading lady. She’s reluctant about playing sexy roles, but she’s a darling for giving her full support for our ‘Paupahan,’ ” Alen recalls.

Allen reserves the best for his latest screen partner in his latest film “Room 213” for Viva Films—Gwen Garci.

“Gwen has a stunning effect on me—an animal appeal. If only I’m free, I would have pursued her. We became close while doing ‘Room 213.’ We had to because we were a married couple. We needed to show our chemistry… that we’re crazy for one another. It’s nice working with Gwen—very professional. And she’s competent in ‘Room 213.’ You’ll see a different Gwen in this movie,” Allen assures about his latest partner.

Is it possible for Allen to fall for Gwen even if he’s already married and a family man?

“Gwen is too pretty to ignore. But I’m happily married. One more thing: Gwen has a boyfriend whom she’s very much in love with. On the other hand, I love my wife and children. They’re my inspiration. I tell you: I’ll never give up my wife and daughters for some other woman,” Allen concludes.

“Room 213” is showing on September 24 in select theaters all over the country. MTRCB gave it an R-18 without cuts rating.

Also in “Room 213” are Tyron Perez and hot babe Maricar Dela Fuente.

Award-winning short filmmaker Keith Sicat directed from his own script.