Loren hails Balik-Pinoy scientists

PHILIPPINE NEWS SERVICE — Senator Loren Legarda yesterday commended three U.S.-based Filipino scientists for their invaluable contributions to the Philippines’ quest in addressing serious threat of climate change in the country.

In Senate Resolution No. 643, Legarda said Drs. Jose Comiso, Dr. Lino Blanche, Guillermo Mendoza, and Terry Sarigumba deserve commendation for their willingness to share expertise with public and private institutions involved in the country’s effort to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

“Because global change is threatening to cause unprecedented global warming as well as unprecedented elevations in sea levels, we are lucky to have these returning scientists in our midst to help us in our endeavor,” she said.

“The State recognizes the expertise of the expatriate Filipino scientists and technologies which are vital component of the nation’s political, economic and social efforts in preserving the county’s natural resources,” Legarda said.

Comiso, Blanche, Mendoza and Sarigumba are all based in the United States who are in town under the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) Balik Scientist Program.

The program is aimed at encouraging foreign-based Filipino scientists, professionals, technicians and person with special skills or expertise to share their technical know-how for the Philippines, which is one of the potential victims of climate change for being on the “hot” spot.

“The four scientists have expressed their wish to assist the Philippines’ initiative to address gaps in technological resources for research and application,” Legarda said.