aspenONE V7 for Process Engineering Addresses Issues to Energy Companies

aspenONE V7 for Process Engineering Addresses Key Issues Facing Traditional and Alternative Energy Companies

BURLINGTON, Mass. Sept. 18 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ — Aspen Technology, Inc. (OTC: AZPN.PK), a leading provider of software and services to the process industries, today outlined how its new aspenONE V7 software addresses key issues facing traditional and alternative energy companies. (For more on aspenONE V7, see the “AspenTech Introduces aspenONE V7” press release.)

1. Optimal Design for Increased Capacity. Traditional and alternative
energy companies need to squeeze more capacity from their production
and refining assets.

— Solution: aspenONE V7 enables the optimal design of plants and
processes used by Energy companies. As a result, these companies
are able to achieve higher levels of efficiency throughout the
lifecycle of plant assets.

2. Energy management. Reducing energy costs are critical to achieving
higher margins.

— Solution: By using aspenONE V7, process industry companies are
able to produce more product using less energy. aspenONE V7 also
enables energy companies to effectively revamp or redesign their
processes to reduce energy consumption.

3. “Follow the Sun” Global Project Execution. Traditional energy
companies are investing billions of dollars in new capital projects
across the globe to expand capacity. Many of these projects present
logistical, geographical and organizational challenges to both
operating and engineering & construction companies.

— Solution: The integrated conceptual engineering workflow in
aspenONE V7 makes it easier for global engineering project teams
to work together across multiple geographies and engineering
disciplines. Enabling 24 x 7 “follow the sun” engineering improves
utilization of finite engineering resources, and speeds time-to-
market for new facilities.

4. Environmental Regulations. Increasingly strict regulations continue
to present major operational challenges energy companies face

— Solution: With aspenONE V7, process industry companies can model
the complete production process, quantify their environmental
impact, design appropriate safeguards, and achieve local
regulatory compliance.

5. “Grey 2K” A large number of experienced engineers nearing retirement
coupled with a shortage of engineers with relevant expertise has
created a significant resource problem.

— Solution: aspenONE V7 allows companies to capture expertise by
transferring “best practice” knowledge from engineers to the
software applications they use daily, enabling companies to
retain the expertise built through decades of managing their
facilities. aspenONE also enables companies to accurately model
their processes using established engineering best practices.

Supporting Quote:

Mark Fusco, President & CEO, AspenTech

— “The demand for affordable, environmentally friendly, and
sustainable energy resources is the most pressing issue facing the
global economy. Key to solving the energy crisis is the ability to
develop and market both new and existing energy sources more quickly
and efficiently. AspenTech’s leading customers are showing that
proven technology is in place today to achieve greater efficiencies
in both traditional and alternative energy production.”

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