Singson repeats warning vs fund-raising ploy

MANILA, (PNA) -– The Department of Public Works and Highways on Wednesday reiterated its warning against the continuous operation of some unscrupulous individuals and groups, using the department to sell or solicit money from public works contractors.

“I am making this call again to the public, especially our current suppliers and contractors doing business with the agency, to not be deceived nor entertain any attempt of these unscrupulous individuals or groups to drag my name, or any of our officers and staff, in their fund raising project,” DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson said in a press release.

The warning was made after receiving reports that alleged members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Retired Veterans Association, Inc. are selling Thanksgiving Dinner tickets worth P600 each to contractors and suppliers of the agency.

Unscrupulous individuals reportedly tell the victims that the tickets will be used for Ballroom Dancing and Christmas Gift Giving Activity, to be held on December 28 at the Hall of Flags Veterans Center in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

Moreover, to make the bogus operation realistic, a certain person, impersonating Secretary Singson, is said to be calling businessmen, who are currently under contract in various DPWH projects, to convince them to buy the fund raising tickets.

After being advised by the DPWH regarding the existence of the same ploy, one contractor reported the act of solicitation to the Philippine National Police, which led to the arrest of one named Anita M. Marasigan, a 60-year-old widow residing at Project 2, Quezon City.

She was arrested and detained for swindling on October 22.

According to Singson, Marasigan presented to the police authorities an identification card showing her alleged affiliation with the Armed Forces of the Philippines Retired Veterans Association, Inc.

In line with this, he also urged the public, especially the contractors and suppliers of the department to report any incident similar to this, even if they claim to be part of prestigious organizations.

“We should not be fooled, and together we put a stop to their illegal activities by reporting to us, or to the nearest police station, he said.

“These unscrupulous individuals are misleading the public. The DPWH contractors, consultants and suppliers should be made aware that any contribution or donation they made is not in any way connected to official DPWH activities,” Singson said.

Those who receive similar sponsorship tickets or deceptive letter solicitations are advised to report to the DPWH organization thru e-mail or at the Stakeholders Relations Service at telephone numbers (02) 302-9196; 304-3370; 304-3280; or 304-3279 or to the nearest Police Stations.